Setting Up
For those of you who have never set up a carnival before, you will never know what we went through to put this show on. In fact, we don't recommend it for your wedding (mostly because we don't want you to steal our awesome idea). It's a hell of a lot of work! Would have made a great episode of "A Wedding Story" though.

Next time I hear somebody complaining about all the stuff they have to do before their wedding reception at the rented hall with the caterers and decorators and photographers... they'd better duck.

The hit of the party had to be the Cotton Candy machine (that's Fairy Floss for you Aussies). Think about it: these days you go to the fair, and there's a bag (not a stick, but a bag) of coloured sugar for, like, six bucks. So many people came up to us at the party and said "I haven't had cotton candy for years... and it's FREE!" Note: That's Gary running the machine. He's the man to ask how to get melted blue sugar out of your eyes and knuckle-hair.